Converged Systems

Simplify. Automate. Innovate.



Converged Infrastructure.


Modernize your data management. Pre-validated architectures with FlexPod and NFLEX deliver zero planned downtime out of the box.



Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.


NetApp® HCI smashes application silos. Consolidate multiple applications on one system with predictable performance to achieve enterprise scale.



Next-Generation Infrastructure.


FlexPod SF solutions guarantee SLAs for applications, workloads, and tenants across your infrastructure. Run increasingly larger workloads to meet constantly changing business demands.


FlexPod Converged Infrastructure

Build your business on prevalidated solutions for converged infrastructure.


Proven Performance.


-Deliver secure business applications with world-class speed and enterprise-grade reliability.

-Optimize the data center for the most demanding applications.

-Easily calibrate your compute, storage, or networking requirements.

-Accelerate adoption of new data center technologies.


Proven Agility.


-Respond fast to changing business demands leveraging time-tested security and management capabilities.

-Build the foundation for any cloud strategy—public, private, or hybrid.

-Manage and protect your data across the stack and into the cloud.

-Access and migrate data where and when you need it.


Proven Value.


-Cut your IT cost and risk. Count on the trusted IT advantage you gain with best-of-breed FlexPod solutions.

-Decrease deployment risk and time to solution with fully tested and validated designs.

-Focus IT resources on high-value activities by using pre-validated converged infrastructure.

-Improve operational efficiency through simplified management and automation.

-Enjoy the confidence of a tried and true solution that supports innovation.


Next-Generation Infrastructure.


FlexPod SF solutions guarantee SLAs for applications, workloads, and tenants across your infrastructure. Run increasingly larger workloads to meet constantly changing business demands.

NFLEX Converged Infrastructure

Modernize your data center with converged infrastructure from NetApp and Fujitsu.


Speed time to business value.


-Purchase, deploy, run, and support NFLEX converged infrastructure from NetApp and Fujitsu—easy.

-Save time and cost by selecting the option that best meets your needs.

-Accelerate time to value with a solution that works from day 1.

-Automate routine tasks and simplify management through unified administration.

-Increase your uptime and productivity with a single point of contact for support.

Leverage exceptional capabilities to step up your game.


-Deliver higher value IT services with unprecedented efficiency.

-Provide services faster at a lower cost with best-in-class storage and compute.

-Reduce power-consumption and energy costs.

-Scale with precision. Pay only for what you need.

-Maintain business continuity with zero planned downtime.

Execute with complete confidence.


-Partner reliably with industry leaders to deliver the business results you need to succeed.

-Get it right the first time with pre-configured, tested, and validated solutions.

-Reduce strategic and operational risk by partnering with the longest converged-infrastructure alliance in the industry.

-Protect your investment with a future-proof solution.

-Prepare for hybrid cloud with confidence.

NetApp HCI

Enterprise-Scale Hyper Converged Infrastructure


NetApp HCI named an Evolutionary Disruptor by Gartner.


See how NetApp HCI compares 

Read the latest report, Gartner’s Competitive Landscape: Hyperconverged Integrated Systems.





Delve into NetApp HCI.


To learn how it all fits together take a tour of the hardware.



Your Bridge to the Next-Generation Data Center.


Transform your IT infrastructure with the enterprise-scale hyper converged infrastructure solution from NetApp. Run multiple applications with guaranteed performance to confidently deploy NetApp HCI across your entire data center.



Take the Pain Out of Deploying Infrastructure.


NetApp has refined all installation and management processes, making NetApp HCI easy to set up and configure. You won’t need a team of IT experts to deploy.

Primary Use Cases

Modernize your Data Center Infrastructure

 Deploy high-speed, all-flash architectures to deliver application performance that drives business outcomes.


Streamline Your Cloud Infrastructure

Reduce your risk with pre-validated solutions. Simplify deployments with automation and options for pre-racked solutions.



Build Your Next-generation Data Center

Deploy next-generation service architectures with support for Openstack and Docker containers.


Validated Designs


FlexPod validated designs speed deployment of infrastructure and applications while reducing cost, complexity, and risk.