Intelligent Operations


Achieve the advantages of a data-centric organization through cutting-edge solutions like Performance Management & Analytics and Infrastructure Assessment & Monitoring.


Realize responsiveness and control.


-Accelerate your information-services delivery when you:


-Avoid surprises through predictive infrastructure analytics based on machine learning.


-Reduce time to address potential infrastructure issues by proactively correlating performance and capacity metrics.


-Plan for data and app placement across a hybrid cloud by understanding the resources your applications are consuming.


Monitor and improve IT performance.


-Define, measure, and improve your service levels based on performance and capacity.


-Identify risks before they become problems.


-Shorten response times.


-Increase confidence with performance visibility across your hybrid cloud.

Informed Decisions

Make better IT decisions. Gain competitive advantage. Step up your game with NetAppĀ® solutions for Data Profiling & Modeling and Capacity Analytics.


Adjust quickly to unpredictable business demands.


-Leverage data insights to get ahead of the game. Informed decision making enables you to:


-Plan infrastructure investments based on trend analysis.


-Optimize cost by easily identifying misused or orphaned resources.


-Rationalize investments through granular cost show-back.


Analyze capacity to drive your decisions.


-Understand your capacity requirements to:


-Make data storage-purchase decisions based on actual usage and business needs.


-Save money by increasing utilization.


-Accurately plan for the future.




Gain insights into your hybrid cloud infrastructure.


Learn how to make the best decisions on where to run your applications and workloads. Read the IDC Analyst Connection report.


Find the Expertise You Need


Consult an expert.

Get key insights, service-delivery metrics, and actionable recommendations for delivering predicable, consistent storage services levels.


Architect your solution.


Build and implement solutions that will simplify service delivery, reduce costs, and significantly improve application performance and capacity.


Operate and manage your solution.


Drive operational excellence. Proactively address potential issues before they cause disruption.